Lamborghini Gallardo sets a 240 MPH Standing Half Mile World Record

This past Sunday at Shift Sector Colorado, Gidi Chamdi broke the Standing 1/2 Mile world record trapping 240.6 mph in his Underground Racing X Version Lamborghini Gallardo SL, breaking the previous record of 238.6 mph set by KC Howeth in Justin Herricks Underground Racing X Version Lamborghini Huracan. What makes this an even more impressive accomplishment is that it was achieved at over 1.6 miles above sea level, the density altitude being over 8,400′ at the time of Gidi’s record run. To top off the record, Underground Racing cars placed 1st through 4th in the AWD class roll race event with the Fowler brothers facing off in the finals and 1st place in the 6 speed class.

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