LibertyWalk LB-R Limited Works 20 Lamborghini Murciélago – Crazy Revs & Accelerations!

Gumbal was lucky enough to film this very special looking Lamborghini Murciélago tuned by LB Performance / Liberty Walk, the well-known Japanese super car tuner, and they call it the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 Murciélago.

Your first impression might be this is a tuned LP670-4 Super Veloce model, but in fact this isn’t the case, the base car is in fact a 2004 Murciélago, so an original 6.2 liter V12 model that has been massively modified by its owner Kato-San, who also happens to own Liberty Walk/LB Performance!

As you might expect, the Liberty Walk LB-R Limited Works 20 Murciélago is a highly limited production unit, only 20 cars are ever produced!

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